Games and Sports
Sports and games play an important role in the development of a person. They develop true spirit of sportsmanship and sense of camaraderie amongst the cadets and also give an opportunity to students to exhibit extraordinary talents and techniques. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports help in removing boredom and keep the cadets fit. It instills a sense of discipline and confidence in them. The world is a big playground. Life is a game and we are the players. Games teach us how to play successfully, the game of life. In order to fight the grain battle of life, we need physical stamina.

The duke of Wellington once said, “the battle of waterloo was won on the play field of "Harrow and Eton”. The spirit of discipline, Comradeship and fare play all these qualities are the control of sportsmanship and they ensure success on the play field or battlefield of life. What matter in sports is not victory or defeat but how you played the game. This is what we call sportsmanship. It is the most desirable quality in students. The spirit of sports separate the excellence, from the mediocre. The grain from the chaff. It generates the quality that needs to be imbibed by everyone, whether a player or a normal human being.
The OSS provides maximum opportunities for the cadets to participate in games in the following categories.

Seniors : 9th or 10th
Juniors : 6th to 8th

The games are divided into major and minor events.

Major Events: Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, handball and athletic.
Minor Events: Table-Tennis, squash, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Mass, P.T, etc. 

Inter House matches, athletics, PT, cross country etc are conducted to develop the sportsmanship spirit, moral & character building, and make the cadets mentally and physically strong.

The school has various indoor and outdoor faclities for the cadets to make them mentally and physically tough. The following number of grounds / equipments have been provided to promote sports and games.

  1. Football    
  2. Hockey    
  3. Volleyball    
  4.  Handball    
  5. Basketball    
  6. Cricket    
  7. Badminton    
  8. Lawn Tennis    
  9. Kho-Kho    
  10. Kabaddi    
  11. Athletic Track 400 mtr, 200 mtr, 100 mtr
  12. Obstacle Course    

  1. Squash Court
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Chess
  4. Carom Board.
  5. China Chakkar.
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