Aims & Objectives

Education aims not only to impart knowledge but to train them to build a strong moral character and spiritual value. The present generation has forgotten most of these principles due to westernization and due to the addiction of modern gadgets like mobiles, computers and internet. They have no time to think about their responsibility to their parents, elders or even teachers. We as Indians have a "Rich and Age Old" culture and tradition. In order to uphold the rich culture and tradition of our nation in the fast changing conditions, Oasis Sainik school has set to achieve the following aims and objectives :
  • To make the student intelligent enough to adjust themselves in the ever changing world.
  • To create among them a strong sense of duty and discipline.
  • To inculcate in students a love for nature and compassion for all forms of life.
  • To help the students to become good human being.
  • To kindle a sense of universal outlook and brotherhood forgoing the narrow sentiment of caste, color, and religion.
  • To create positive thinking through the power of choice to excel what ever they do.
  • To create a spirit among the students to do something special from others through constant efforts.
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